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Frequently asked questions

What is Bulk Text?

Bulk Text is basically a platform through which you can easily send thousands of messages at a time on random mobile numbers by just a simple click through different bulk text gateway.

What is the basic use of Bulk Text?

Bulk Text services are vastly used across the globe to send text that helps to viral any kind of news, information, product, brand or services to any individuals or to various groups of people.

Can I test a demo account before buying Bulk text services?

Absolutely Yes!! We do provide such facilities to our buyers & clients. Before buying our services we give you details of our trial account. You can easily log into it and test about how our services will work for you. You can send text messages to few people through this trial account.

Can I Send Text Messages to any network through Bulk Text Service?

Yes!, With the help of our platform, you can send SMS all over the world via different sms gateway on any networks.

How I came to know, my messages get delivered?

It’s easy; we will provide all delivery reports of all sent text with the help of service provider, in your account itself.

How much Text I can send at once?

It depends on your choosen API how much they are allow you to send text per day.

Following rules of TRAI is necessary? Is Sms and Voice follows their guidelines too?

Yes! Following TRAI rules while sending Bulk Text is important for test messages service provider else you will get punished and we @ Sms and Voice strictly follow TRAI guidelines.

Do you provide HTTP or XML API to use in your premade software?

Yes, we do provide HTTP & XML API to use in our premade software along with the documentation on how to integrate it with your software.

What is API?

The role of API is to provide an interface between different software systems. Bulk Text API is a quickest way of delivering Text to the intended recipient’s cell phones. API is of several types including general API and specific API.

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